About Me

I LOVE MY FAMILY! It is because of this that I understand how important it is to visually document the relationship and bond within a family. Many of my clients are repeat customers because we have formed a connection with one another. It is exciting and fun to watch the little ones grow and capture their personalities on camera from year to year.

I LOVE WEDDINGS! I’m a hopeless romantic, and even after 300 weddings, I  still cry a little during the father-daughter dance. I thrive on seeing you and your guests have a fun, memorable day, and I love capturing those magical moments for you to keep and share for years to come. Because photography touches nearly every aspect of your special day, my service always includes plenty of personal attention during the planning stages to help your wedding be everything you’ve dreamed it would be. If you like the kinds of images my passion produces please contact me to set up an appointment to view more of my work in person or set up a shoot.